Net Zero Business Support

The UK’s promise to hit Net Zero by 2050 is creeping nearer!

It’s only 27 years away, which seems like ages – except the 90’s started 33 years ago!

We know! It scared us writing it!!

But – if you’re an innovator who wants to future-proof your business and keep building and growing, we want to tell you some things!

Even a micro business can make a massive difference AND save money by making some tiny, conscious changes!


Grouping your deliveries together. Use Amazon’s chosen delivery day or try ordering only once a week or month from suppliers if cash flow allows.

I mean, do you really need your new, going-to-solve-all-your-organisation-issues desk tidy the same day?

Everyone’s banging on about it – but what even is Net Zero?

(The question no-one wants to ask!)


Net Zero

As simply as possible, being net zero means adding no more greenhouse gases to the Earth’s atmosphere than the amount you’re taking out.

Greenhouse gases, of which carbon dioxide is the main one (hence the term ‘carbon emissions’) are harmful in that they let sunlight pass through the atmosphere but stop the heat from the sunlight going back out into space. Over time, this trapped heat has contributed to global warming and climate change.

Climate Change

Gases like carbon dioxide trap heat from the sun’s rays inside the earth’s atmosphere, causing the planet’s average temperature to increase. This in turn leads to other changes, such as rising sea levels, melting glaciers, heavier storms, and more frequent droughts. This happens naturally over millions of years, but human activity is speeding up the process at an unsustainable rate.

We’re seeing the effects all over the world. For example, the devastating heatwaves in Canada in summer 2021 where temperatures reached a whopping 49.6 degrees. And the widespread Australian Bushfires in 2019-2020. Climate experts are clear that we’ll continue to see these extreme weather events like fires, severe storms and flooding start earlier and last longer, so we must act.

Carbon Neutral

Being carbon neutral means that any carbon emissions are offset. So, a business that pledges carbon neutrality isn’t necessarily reducing its emissions but rather balancing them out – typically by planting more trees or investing in tech that captures and stores carbon.

Greenhouse Gases

Carbon Dioxide isn’t the only gas that heats the planet – other major ones include methane, nitrous oxide and ozone. Because of our rising population and our energy-guzzling lifestyles, these emissions are unsustainable too. For instance, livestock farming is the biggest source of methane emissions in the world and contributes to over 14.5% of global greenhouse gases – so opting to eat less meat or go vegetarian or vegan can be dramatically better for the environment.

 Seriously – we know it’s a dry topic!

And that it feels really far away, or that you’re too small to make a difference.

But the British Business Bank claim that small businesses account for around half (43-53%) of greenhouse gas emissions by UK businesses. When we add households and the public sector to the mix, small businesses account for around a third (29-36%) of total UK emissions.

This is a MASSIVE potential for collective influence. Not so small in our opinion!!


So, why not come and see us!

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